Coaching for Executives

Private executive coaching is designed for high-profile executives and individuals who are frequently in the spotlight. For those who need to be on top of their game at all times, Grant and Associates offers private coaching.

Executives are called upon to communicate in a very wide range of forums and media. The diversity, frequency, and importance of their opportunities to speak and influence requires agility in their skills. From television interviews to boardroom presentations to all-hands meetings to gala speeches, Grant and Associates will fine-tune executive speaking skills for every type of opportunity.

For many executives, we find the most effective way to address their specific requirements is to work with them over a period of months. During this time, we tailor the coaching to address the specific events on the executive's agenda to make sure they have the pre-game coaching needed to make each opportunity a success and to build a platform of skills applicable to all their communications. In other cases, for example preparing for a specific event, such as a speech, a shorter program may be recommended.

Privacy may also suggest a private coaching arrangement is most appropriate. For executives and managers involved in a merger or acquisition; presenting financial results; communicating about a reduction-in-force or major change in the corporate organization; or responding to a corporate crisis, the ability to prepare privately is essential. Grant and Associates routinely deals with such sensitive communication needs.

Executives who benefit from this level of coaching often have jam-packed schedules. Our private coaching accommodates the executive's limited availability, scheduling sessions so our clients always have the preparation and support they need for every speaking engagement, interview, and meeting - as well as any other key event that may arise.

Engagement Options:
3 Sessions
6 Sessions
12 Sessions

Private coaching is typically provided face-to-face at the executive's office or a location convenient to the executive. Some ad hoc phone coaching may also be included to provide executives on-demand support as needed. We also have a San Francisco Bay Area training facility.

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