PR Firms

Successful PR requires an effective corporate spokesperson.

A spokesperson who has mastered the art of giving media interviews is a dream client for a PR team. Unfortunately, most clients' spokespeople have limited experience and may be ready for only a fraction of the opportunities you secure for the company. If your team finds themselves nervous about a client speaking to the press or giving a keynote, we can help. We work with executives and corporate spokespeople in virtually every industry and can help your client take full advantage of the media and speaking events you've booked. Even spokespeople who are good can be coached to be better. And when the spokesperson does well, so do you.

As you know, each medium requires specific preparation and "friendly" interviews are very different to prepare for than when controversy is involved. We can work with your client privately on a one-to-one basis or, we can provide a workshop for a group of spokespeople. Our team has deep domain expertise as journalists and in TV production so we understand what the media needs for a story. In our media training, our clients learn to:

  • Take control of an interview
  • Stay on message
  • Think on their feet
  • Navigate tough interview questions
  • Project composure and confidence
  • Conduct a successful news conference
  • Communicate messages effectively
  • Develop strategies for a variety of media (print, radio, television, online, etc.)
  • For TV interviews, where to look; wardrobe and makeup; gestures

For speaking events, we work with executives to elevate their presentation skills. Our training is focused on identifying and leveraging the spokesperson's speaking strengths for maximum communication impact. Effective spokespeople are those who learn to refine their individual style to be compelling, credible and memorable. In our presentation training, executives and spokespeople will learn to:

  • Communicate gracefully, effectively, and persuasively
  • Confidently get their message across
  • Reduce the risk of rambling
  • Establish trust with the audience
  • Answer tough questions on the spot
  • Pace for impact
  • Combat their nervousness
  • Start strong and make the most of the first impression
  • Master the power of the pause
  • Become the presenter they aspire to be

We use the camera as a primary teaching tool. And, we provide one-to-one coaching by a seasoned media professional. If desired, we can work with your team and/or the client on message and sound bite development. The specific program will be tailored to suit your client's needs.

Our services are particularly valuable for your PR clients who:

  • Have a scheduled media interview
  • Are preparing for a news conference
  • Are preparing for a speaking event
  • Are preparing for analyst or editorial board briefings
  • Are preparing for a major announcement
  • Are Corporate spokespeople
  • Are on Crisis management teams
  • Spokespeople who have had a bad experience in the past with an interview
  • Executives who wish to gain confidence in the event a journalist calls