Coaching for Celebrities

Celebrities do not always become well known by working in front of a camera or a microphone. Sports figures, authors, CEOs, and thought leaders may achieve celebrity status with very little media or presentation experience. And, celebrities seasoned in one format or media may find themselves at a loss in another. For example, an athlete giving a post-game interview requires very different communication skills than those s/he will require to be a sports commentator. Writers may be masters of the pen but completely at a loss when confronted by an interview on Oprah or giving a keynote speech to a room full of business people.

Grant and Associates helps professional athletes, authors, technology leaders, health leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit superstars hone and elevate their speaking skills for the events and speaking/media opportunities they face. Their hectic travel schedules and oft-changing publicity opportunities usually suggest a private coaching arrangement as the best approach.

With coaching, our clients learn to:

  • Take control of an interview
  • Stay on message
  • Think on their feet
  • Navigate tough interview questions
  • Project composure and confidence
  • Conduct a successful news conference
  • Communicate messages effectively
  • Develop strategies for different kinds of media (print, radio, television, online, etc.)

Engagement Options:
3 Sessions
6 Sessions
12 Sessions

Private coaching is typically provided face-to-face at the celebrity's office or a location convenient to the celebrity. We also have a San Francisco Bay Area training facility.