Your ability to inspire, motivate, energize, and persuade your team and peers with the spoken word is critical to your success. Good speaking skills are core to effective leadership and will ultimately drive your career options. It is simply good career management to invest in your speaking skills. Even very experienced and capable speakers can improve. In fact, professional public speakers routinely invest in developing their skills. There's a reason the pros do it. It pays off. It will pay off for you, too. Coaching and training from a professional will yield benefits in every aspect of your professional and personal life.

At some point, every executive must deal with the media. Interviews and public forums are great opportunities to build awareness and trust for your organization. However, the media is not for the ill prepared. Handling the media requires knowledge, skill, and preparation or you can embarrass yourself and your company. Each medium requires different skills and preparation - TV, radio, print, online. Media training, especially one-to-one coaching, is a worthwhile investment to maximize your media opportunities and reduce the risk of making a mistake that will, especially in the world of the Internet, live on and on and on.

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