Speaking for Impact®

Speaking for Impact® is an innovative seminar for executives and business professionals seeking to advance their careers through improved speaking skills. The program is held on-site at your corporate offices or, if you prefer, an offsite location and can be tailored to address specific goals for your team.

Speaking for Impact® focuses on identifying participants' individual strengths and teaching them how to leverage those strengths for optimal impact. Groups are kept under twelve people and each participant receives one-on-one coaching from our seasoned presentation coaches as well as peer feedback and on-camera practice.

Many find presenting to groups to be extremely daunting. Speaking for Impact® offers techniques to combat nerves, answer tough interview questions smoothly, prevent rambling, dress for success, and handle the unexpected with poise. Our participants leave this experience feeling confident, assured, and ready to tackle their next speaking challenge.

Program Highlights

Speaking for Impact® identifies and builds upon the individual’s strengths to supercharge their communications.

In the boardroom, at the roundtable, or in the media - what your executives and managers say and how they say it will have a big impact on your success. As a leaders and managers, every communication counts. Speaking for Impact will prepare your team to:

  • Communicate gracefully, effectively, and persuasively
  • Confidently get your message across
  • Reduce the risk of rambling
  • Establish trust with the audience
  • Answer tough questions on the spot
  • Pace for impact
  • Combat your nervousness
  • Start strong and make the most of the first impression
  • Master the power of the pause
  • Become the presenter you aspire to be

This intensive seminar will uncover each person’s strengths, teach them how to leverage those strengths in public speaking. Each participate will be given objective feedback and gain confidence. Rigorous exercises, including speaking on camera, provide opportunities for practice. Our unique scoring model encourages goal setting and objective feedback.

Who Should Attend

Executives and senior managers who need to speak to internal and external groups at events such as:

  • Keynote speeches
  • All-hands meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Customer and partner meetings
  • Trade shows and industry events
  • Technical meetings
  • Launch events
  • Team meetings
  • Department meetings


You would be surprised how cost-effective on-site training can be. The precise costs for your team’s program will depend upon the size of the group and the degree of program customization requested.
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